Imbrifex Books is known for award-winning hiking, road trip, and fishing guides as well as outstanding—and also award-winning—voices in fiction. Distributed to the book trade by Publisher’s Group West, all Imbrifex titles are available online and in bookstores throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and much of the world.

Founded in 2016, Imbrifex Books shares its DNA with RoadTripAmerica.com, online since 1996. Imbrifex is a member of the American Association of Publishers (AAP), the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Audio Publishers Association (APA) and an associate member of the American Booksellers Association (ABA).

What others say about Imbrifex Books:

Think of anything a book needs to stand out in the marketplace–sharp editorial guidance and feedback, gorgeous interior and cover designs, savvy audiobook production, smart and forward-thinking marketing and publicity–and Imbrifex Books delivers it to the nines. At every turn, Imbrifex exceeded my expectations about what’s possible in publishing, with an exceptionally hard-working and dedicated team. I’m grateful, and proud, to be an Imbrifex Books author.
Beth Castrodale, award-winning author of I Mean You No Harm, Marion Hatley and In this Ground.

Imbrifex Books is an extraordinary small press that punches well above its weight in the independent publishing world, if the ever-expanding list of industry and reader accolades are anything to go by. With roots in the great American tradition of roadtripping, the publisher’s tagline: “Books for the journey,” is no idle marketing slogan. Imbrifex Books’ nonfiction titles are notable for the deep curiosity of their authors, and the rich context they provide to readers. The press’s curated list of fiction titles is equally delightful and quirky. As an author and developmental editor, I have been pleasantly surprised — sometimes truly astounded — at the level of creative, marketing, and sales support Imbrifex provides each new writer.
Aaron Reed, author of The Local Angler Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas & 2020 Winner of National Outdoor Book Award

Imbrifex Books combines the strong editorial presence, marketing savvy, and national reach of a Big Five press with the personal attention and relationships you find in the best independent presses. The company has nurtured a vibrant, diverse list of fiction and nonfiction. I am proud to be an Imbrifex author. Every writer should be lucky enough to have a publishing family like this one.
Brett Riley, award-winning author of Comanche, Lord of Order and Freaks.

Imbrifex Books is a five-star publisher of the sort that you rarely see these days. My book, my first published work, won no less than five national awards, and that was due, in large part, to the support and technical expertise of the team at Imbrifex, and their focus on excellence at every step of the process. I could not have asked for a better publisher, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Rick Quinn, award-winning author of RoadTrip America Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips

Imbrifex Books is outstanding among small publishers for its professionalism and integrity. Whatever they agree to do, or to have done, for a book or its author, is done, and done very well. I have spent my adult life working for newspapers, magazines, and book publishers, and never saw better editing, production, or promotion than I experienced when Imbrifex Books published my novel.
A.D. Hopkins, award-winning author of The Boys Who Woke Up Early

For promotional and publicity information about Imbrifex Books titles and authors, including inquiries about media and tour appearances, please email the Imbrifex Books publicity coordinator at media@imbrifex.com or leave a voice message at 702-309-0130.

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