The Last Saxon King nominated for the Forest of Reading: Red Maple Award (Grades 7-8)

(Las Vegas, NV, October 16, 2023) – Imbrifex Books, an independent publisher based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is honored to announce that author Andrew Varga’s debut novel, The Last Saxon King, is a finalist for the 2024 Canadian Forest of Reading Red Maple Award presented by the Ontario Library Association (OLA). The winner of the award will be announced at the Forest of Reading Festival in Toronto, Ontario in May.

Forest of Reading selects Canadian titles for children to read and vote for in Canada. The Red Maple Award is a highly esteemed accolade that celebrates exceptional Canadian authors and their outstanding works of literature, primarily geared toward young readers in grades 7-8. Andrew Varga’s selection as a Finalist acknowledges his captivating storytelling and dedication to inspiring young minds.

“I am honoured, grateful, and in absolute awe that my book is nominated for Red Maple,” said Andrew Varga. “My children all attended public school in Ontario, so I know how many talented authors and incredible books are part of the Forest of Reading. The fact that my book is now joining this illustrious group is a dream come true.”

The Last Saxon King, the first installment in the A Jump In Time series, follows “time jumpers” Dan and Sam, secret heroes who travel to the past and resolve glitches in the time stream that threaten to alter subsequent history. The Last Saxon King is action-packed historical fiction featuring Dan Renfrew, a normal teen who accidentally transports himself to England in 1066. Dan finds that the only way he can return home is to set history back on its proper course in the Anglo-Saxon age. From clashing with marauding Viking hordes to facing the daunting might of a Norman army, Dan’s journey is filled with danger and excitement.

The Last Saxon King

Varga masterfully combines his storytelling prowess with meticulous historical research, immersing readers in the rich tapestry of the past. The Last Saxon King offers a thrilling blend of adventure and history, making it a must-read for lovers of time-travel fiction, historical fiction, and action-packed narratives. The second book in the A Jump in Time series, The Celtic Deception, was recently released on September 5th and the third book in the series, The Mongol Ascension will be published in September 2024.

Andrew Varga has had a fascination for Anglo-Saxon and Medieval-era history ever since his mother told him he is a descendant of the Vikings. He’s read hundreds of history books, watched countless historical movies, and earned a BA from the University of Toronto with a specialist in history and a major in English. Andrew has traveled extensively across Europe, where he toured famous castles, museums, and historical sites. During his travels, he accumulated a collection of swords, shields, and other medieval weapons that now adorn his personal library.

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The Last Saxon King is available at Indigo and Chapters and everywhere books are sold. Follow Andrew Varga on Instagram and Goodreads. The author will sign books at the OLA Super Conference, Canada’s largest library event, in January 2024.