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Greg DeMars is a retired mechanical engineer who started fly fishing in the Colorado Rockies in the early 1990’s and expanded his range from there, fishing all over the world, always looking for new adventures. From the Devils River in his native Texas, to New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu, to the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, Greg has pursued his passion for fly fishing with the analytical mind of an engineer and the creativity of a blues guitarist and songwriter, gaining valuable insight about fish behavior and fly fishing tactics along the way. An award-winning amateur photographer, Greg also ties his own flies, enjoys woodworking, cooking dinner for friends, and the occasional wee dram of fine Islay whisky. Greg married his college sweetheart and they live together in downtown Dallas.

Urban Fly Fishing Dallas–Fort Worth

by Greg DeMars

Urban Fly Fishing DFW
The urban creeks of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are just around the corner, and full of fish. Join long-time Dallas resident and dedicated fly angler Greg DeMars as he expertly guides you through the hidden world of urban creeks in the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Read more...