The Mongol Ascension: A Jump in Time Novel, Book Three

by Andrew Varga


Seventeen-year-old Dan Renfrew leads a normal high school life full of all the usual challenges: homework, bullies, and the baffling world of dating. It would be enough for most teens, but Dan has a secret. He’s a time jumper, a member of a clandestine group tasked with journeying to the past to repair glitches in history that imperil subsequent events. This responsibility alone is daunting, but it’s even more crucial now. A band of rogue time jumpers is bent on taking over the world, and Dan can’t find any allies to join him in the fight to stop them.

In a last-ditch effort to foil the conspiracy, Dan and his partner Sam plunge into history together. Landing on the steppes of Mongolia in the year 1179, they meet a brave Mongol teen on a courageous quest to rescue his kidnapped wife. But Dan and Sam soon discover that there’s far more at stake than a stolen bride. They’re thrust into a desperate race against time to save the Mongol Empire—and the future of the entire world.

The Mongol Ascension will be available wherever fine books are sold on September 3rd, 2024!

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Author picture

Ever since his mother told him he was descended from Vikings, ANDREW VARGA has had a fascination for history. He’s read hundreds of history books, watched countless historical movies, and earned a BA from the University of Toronto with a specialist in history and a major in English. Andrew has traveled extensively across Europe, where he toured famous castles, museums, and historical sites. During his travels he accumulated a collection of swords, shields, and other medieval weapons that now adorn his personal library. Andrew currently lives in the greater Toronto area with his wife Pam, their three children, and their mini-zoo of two dogs, two cats, a turtle, and some fish. It was his children’s love of reading, particularly historical and fantasy stories, that inspired Andrew to write this series. In his spare time, when he isn’t writing or editing, Andrew reads history books, jams on guitar, or plays beach volleyball.

“An exciting and informative story.”–Joan Hipp, Florham Park Public Library, Florham Park, New Jersey

“Another fabulous installment to the series! Mongolia is such a fresh setting.”–Christina Brown, Bluebonnet Elementary, Flower Mound, Texas

“The novel is well paced, well developed and riveting. Along the way, the young Genghis Kahn imparts some sterling life principles to Sam which we would all do well to adopt. There is a minimum of violence and no sex scenes. If you enjoy time travel novels or are looking for some good material for teens or pre-teems this is an excellent choice.”–Cynthia Trotter, Wycliffe Bible Translators, (12/23/2023)

“This is an awesome adventure for any middle school student.”–Cristian Marrero, West New York Middle School, New Jersey (11/25/2023)

“Author Andrew Varga’s story brings historical fiction with a touch of fantasy and a promise of more adventures to come.”–Mitzi Sherwood, Honey Grove Library, Honey Grove, Texas (11/07/2023)

“I am interested in reading more books by this author! Romanticizing meets History books on a walk through the light museum of time traveling and relationships/friendships. Strong writing voice and skill.”–Monica Exley, NetGalley (12/25/2023)

The Mongol Ascension by Andrew Varga is an enjoyable young adult fiction novel that is part of the “Jump in Time” series. The book’s engaging plot, well-developed characters, and vivid descriptions of the Mongol Empire make it a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.”–Trishita Das, (12/22/2023)

“Third book in an excellent series for middle school readers. Time jumping allows contemporary characters to interact with historical characters in a way that shows the past era as well as what remains the same in human actions and relationships. Creative plots and good use of characters.”–Doug Yonce, Educator (09/30/2023)

“5 Stars! Another winner from author Andrew Varga! This is the 3rd book, & the 3rd 5 star rating from me in the ‘A Jump in Time’ series and while it can be read as a standalone, I’d highly recommend reading this series in order, I’ve loved every book so far. his really is a great series and one of my absolute favorites! Highly recommend this book & this series! 100% absolutely worth it!”–Carey Hoy, (09/27/2023)

“Andrew Varga delivers another winner. I love this series, it’s not only fun but makes the reader think about history. What were those characters like while history was being made. Fun and action filled.”–Sheila Lynn, (09/18/2023)

Hardback: $20.99 US      ISBN: 9781955307048 — First Edition: September 2024
Paperback:  $16.99 US    ISBN: 9781955307079 — First Edition: September 2024
ePUB: $13.99 US              ISBN: 9781955307055


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