Comanche: A Novel Online Launch Event

Author Brett Riley
Harry Fagel
Harry Fagel, poet and host

COMANCHE: A Novel was launched on September 1, 2020 with “Brett Riley in Conversation with Harry Fagel.” This event was live-streamed on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live to a world-wide audience. Recordings of the show are available for viewing on the Imbrifex Books Facebook page and on this YouTube page.

Comanche: A Novel is available wherever fine books are sold. Description and information here.

Support local bookstores:
* The Writer’s Block Bookstore in Las Vegas, Nevada may have special pricing on this book.
* Also on the shelf at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California.
* Available at the Avoid the Day Bookstore in Rockaway Park, New York.

Performers, Colleagues, Friends, Family and Special Guests listed in Order of Appearance:

Brett Riley, author

Harry Fagel, host and BallSmack Poetry

Dustin Scott, Great Job TV, show producer, director

Mark Sedenquist, publisher

Kalene Westmoreland, CSN Professor

Rob Taylor,

Jennifer Basquiat,

Ash Bowen,

Shauna, John, Nova & Luna Songer,

Martine Hughes,

Shellie Keller,

Kathy Hagood,

Jesse & Donna Riley

Jeff Troutman, musician & composer

Sue Campbell, book designer

Jason Heuer, book cover designer, artist

Vicki Adang, development editor

Dave Johnstone, copy editor

Mike Onorato, Smith Publicity

Frank Gaynor, McNaughton-Gunn, printers

Travis Baldree, audiobook narrator, actor

Davin Topel, mixologist, master distiller

Margaret Sedenquist,

Shirley Cina,

Annetta Smith,

Christian Fox,

Heather Humann,

Megan Padilla,

Robyn Rhode,

Dallas Hulsey,

Traci & Joshua Terrill,

Kayla White & Nathan Stone,

Megan Edwards, editor, author

Holly McKinnis, author

Rick Quinn, author

Aaron Reed, author

A.D. Hopkins, author

(Author photos: Benjamin Hager & Megan Edwards)